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Dr. Sarah Taber - Be the Falcon, Not the Hawk

Fascinating new episode of Living30 podcast with Dr. Sarah Taber. The first half is very agriculture heavy, where we talk about breaking the good ol' boys club of farming, social media, and millennials' connection with their food. The second half is more focused on Dr. Taber realizing around age 30 that she wanted to leave the Mormon church, why 30 is the age that people gain independence, and how it all connects to her mission in the world of agriculture.

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Dr. Sarah Taber is a crop and food safety scientist with a PhD in plant medicine from the University of Florida. She's worked on farms and labs, is the founder of a caviar company Persephone, and she podcasts on Farm to Taber. Her favorite challenges are designing robust human systems; training financial backers in physical and human capital; and reminding the industry that blockchain can’t stop food fraud, because both parties in fraudulent food transactions are usually in on it anyway.

She's on Twitter @SarahTaber_bww.

Show Notes

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