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Remi Dion - Stranded with Purpose

Remi Dion is a friend and fellow engineer who studied at McGill University. He is currently doing a masters in artificial intelligence, and was on a semester abroad at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras in the South province of Tamil Nadu when all of the Covid-19 stuff began. His story is pretty insane and he is at present still trapped in South India with no visible way to return to his home country of Canada. Canada seems to have neglected its citizens stranded around the world, so please consider signing this petition to bring attention to Canada's inadequate efforts to retrieve its citizens.  Remi has been all over Quebec media, include this TV interview (It's in French). 

We talk about the situation in India, the scary realities of Remi's quarantine, the silver linings in all of this, the learnings of travel, quarantine routine, strategies for goal setting, a much more. It's a really interesting conversation in the midst of all this craziness. 

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