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Noam Shuster - Be Flexible

Uplifting interview with Noam Shuster, a comedian and peace builder who was living her dream...until the pandemic hit and she was forced to adapt and be flexible. Her show at the Kennedy Center in NYC was cancelled. She flew back to Israel only to get Covid on the flight, be quarantined in one of Israel's infamous corona hotels, and then have to deal with all the symptoms of her new normal. Throughout it all she's learned to rest, have patience, and continue to create. We talk comedy, peacebuilding, becoming an online creator, feelings of doubt and self-worth and much more.

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Noam is a freelance comedian, performer, peacebuilder and activist. She grew up in Neve Shalom Wahat Al Salam, the only intentional Jewish and Arab village in Israel. Noam performs in 3 languages, and through her cutting cynicism and humor, she is a natural bridge-builder. In 2018, she was named the “New Jewish Comedian of the Year” in London. The same year, she was also the first Jewish performer in the Palestine Comedy Festival. Noam spent 2019 on scholarship at the Harvard Divinity School developing her one woman show.

See her latest video inviting Arab tourists to visit Israel, which just got 1 million views in a few days.

Here's a piece she wrote about her experience in the Corona hotel. Also see about her experience on CNN and hear about it on NPR.

This article has two of my favorite jokes from her:

“I care about the political causes, but I’m 31 and single, so I go to the demonstrations mainly to look for dates. And when I go to the demonstrations, the problem is the only people who look like they have taken a shower are the police officers.”

She downloaded Tinder and immediately swiped two cousins in a row. She was horrified, but her grandmother said, “If we were in Iran, you would have married your cousin a long time ago".

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