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Meditation Hack - Here & Now

Part of meditation is trying to practice being present. Your monkey mind starts run, and then when you notice it you can redirect your attention to your breath or the environment around you. Anything in the present moment. Being mindful of the here and now is a really incredible way to start going through life, so applying this regularly, not just while meditating, is useful. So that rather than worrying about the future or fretting over something in the past you can actually be in the life you’re living. I recently read in ‘Be Here Now’ by Ram Das a little trick I wanted to share. When you notice that you’re NOT present, rather than trying to just refocus your attention, ask yourself “Where am I?” Then answer to yourself “Here” Then ask “Where am I?” Then answer to yourself “Now”. It’s a wonderfully simple way to reset your present state of mind without having to try to focus on breath or noises. Just simply saying that to yourself can work wonders.

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