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Home Workout - Corona Edition

For all those stuck at home, I'm sharing a full body workout that requires no materials, very little space, takes less than 10 minutes and will leave you absolutely smoked. All you need is 6 foot spherical radius and you're good to go.

I've had trouble these last few days at home getting into my routine. It's so easy to wake up late, skip workouts, eat crap, and stay in pajamas all day. I've been guilty of this the last few days but finally managed to do my journaling, meditation and gratitude practice and do a quick workout, shave shower and actually put on clothes, and eat a healthy breakfast. The routine is everything.

Now for the workout:

This is the warmup from a boxing class I used to take and it would actually leave everyone destroyed within 10 minutes of showing up to the class.

Get your phone or a clock. It alternates 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off - an exercise and then a 'rest' period. For beginners, actually rest during that second 30 seconds. For intermediate, do a boxing bounce during that second 30 seconds. And for advanced, get a jump rope and jump during that second 30 seconds.

Each time you do one of the exercises, during the last 10 seconds of that exercise try to do it as intensely and quickly as you can.

Here are the exercises:

Jumping jacks

Split lunges


High knees Get them high!!!

Prisoner squats (I like to do 3 sets of prisoner squats and try to hold it in squat position for the final 10 seconds, then the final 15 seconds, then the final 20 seconds)

Spiderman pushups

Alternating side plank

Mountain climbers


This should take about 10 minutes. To really work yourself, try doing a few sets of this entire workout with a few minutes of rest in between each one and you'll be toast.

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