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Effie (EZ) Rinsky - How to Write a Book

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Scintillating conversation with fiction author Effie Rinsky, a man who has read Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace, twice. Just to say, Bill Gates, an avid reader, is afraid of even starting this 1000 page tome. Effie and I talk morning habits, exercise, drinking and drugs, procrastination, how in writing you can only learn by doing and being terrible for a while, and if you're going to do something hard it has to be the thing you want to do the most.

E.Z. Rinsky has worked as a bagel maker, statistics professor and–for one misguided year–a street musician. He's released two novels with Harper Collins (as E.Z. Rinsky). The first, Palindrome, was short-listed for the International Thriller Writers award for best debut novel, and has been translated and published in the Czech Republic. He's currently working on a new novel and a TV pilot. He lives in Tel Aviv. 

You can find Effie on his website www.ezrinsky.com 

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