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Daniel Kronovet - Knowing the Path & Walking the Path

Daniel is a brilliant blockchain developer and student of philosophy. We talk moving to new places, relationships, responsibility, masculine and feminine energies, being intentional about our choices, and working to not only consume but to create.

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You can read some of Daniel's personal and more philosophical writing at kronosapiens.com, his professional writing at kronosapiens.github.io, and follow him on twitter at @kronosapiens.

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Show Notes

Paul Graham's essay on cities

Gary Chapman -- the Five Love Languages

Joseph Campbell -- Hero with a Thousand Faces

Jocko Willink -- Extreme Ownership

Richard Feynman -- Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman

Ira Glass -- The Creative Process

Thomas Kuhn -- The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

David Foster Wallace -- Infinite Jest