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Basti Hansen - Zoom Out

New episode of Living30 Podcast is out! Link here, or get it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you like to listen.

Extremely motivating discussion with adventure filmmaker and photographer, Basti Hansen. Basti is one of the hardest working guys I know, editing into the wee hours of the morning and always in another part of the world shooting. Originally from Germany, he's a Tel Aviv-based filmmaker who's worked with Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, IQOS, Universal Music, and more. And he only started working with a camera 6 years ago!

We talk how to take yourself seriously, create a body of work, partnerships in the midst of demanding work schedules and open relationships, and how to zoom out and look at your life and its trajectory in the context of daily tasks. 

Find him on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and check out his work, lightroom presets, and a useful set of FAQs on bastihansen.com

Pair with this post on Taking the Stairs, and this podcast with Mia Schon - Calling Myself an Artist.

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"Micro Documentary" with a musician who lost his home and everything to a wildfire except a 12-string guitar, with which he just recorded an album - Facing Flames

Andalusia Spain camper video

Merceds Benz commercial in the American West

Music video with Noa Kirel and Stephane Legar

Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade 2017

Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade 2018

His first video that he shot while in India - Sand to Stone


Skin in the Game