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Ariel Lefkowitz - The Human Doctor

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Moving discussion with Ariel Lefkowitz, a friend and young doctor, who was recently the attending physician on the Covid ward at one of Toronto's major hospitals. There he quickly realized that the situation required a more significant and evolving level of compassion and humanity than he and any of his co-workers had ever experienced. It's a fascinating look at what it's like to be a doctor and a leader during these tumultuous times. We talk about his experiences on the ward, worrying about colleagues, staff and infecting family at home, and more generally about love, family, mentors, and knowing and committing at a young age to spend a decade becoming a doctor.

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Ariel was also just featured on the front page of Toronto Life with a powerful memoir of his 14 days on the ward. There's detailed accounts of each day and the minutiae that goes on in his mind as he, his family and his colleagues navigate this unknown disease.

Photo cred to Toronto Life and Christopher Wahl.

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